viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

Todo apunta a que Romney esperará a agosto

First Read:
*** It looks like Romney’s VP pick will come next month: If Mitt Romney doesn’t announce his vice-presidential pick today, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll do it before he departs on his overseas trip in the middle of next week. Why? Because there wouldn’t be enough time to do a multi-day, multi-battleground state rollout with the new ticket. What’s more, the VP selection would overshadow -- at least domestically -- the upcoming foreign trip.

And so far, the signs aren’t pointing to Romney making his VP pick today. He’s holding a campaign event in New Hampshire at 12:10 pm ET (with Sen. Kelly Ayotte). But wife Ann is campaigning around that very same time in Michigan. You would think that if Romney were unveiling his vice-presidential selection, his wife would be there for that announcement. And even if the campaign wanted to do it today, the tragic news out of Colorado probably ends those plans. Bottom line: Romney most likely isn’t making his pick today, and therefore he most likely won’t announce it until returning from his overseas trip.

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