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Las 10 zonas más calientes de la semana en la guerra de anuncios

*** This week’s 10 hottest advertising markets: Given this discussion of ad-spending numbers, here’s our weekly look at the 10 hottest advertising markets (in terms of advertising points from July 9-July 15). The big story here: Three of the top four markets are in Colorado, including top-ranked Colorado Springs, which holds on to its No.1 slot from last week. In addition, two markets are in Florida, two in Virginia, two in North Carolina, and one in Ohio. One other thing worth noting: Check out how Romney is outspending Obama in some of these 10 hottest markets, even as Obama is outspending Romney nearly 2-1 for the week. So what has to be occurring is that Obama is outspending in markets that the Romney campaign really isn’t contesting -- for now.

1. Colorado Springs, CO (Romney 1,000, Obama 985, Crossroads 430, AFP 200, Priorities 155).

2. Grand Junction, CO (Obama 975, Romney 820, Crossroads 450, AFP 330).

3. Tampa, FL (Romney 920, Obama 765, Crossroads 430, AFP 223. Priorities 185).

4. Denver, CO (Obama 1,000, Romney 860, Crossroads 300, Priorities 150, AFP 140).

5. Orlando, FL (Romney 900, Obama 860, Crossroads 340, AFP 170, Priorities 150).

6. Richmond-Petersburg, VA (Obama 900, Romney 800, Crossroads 200, AFP 180, Priorities 155).

7. Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA (Obama 975, Romney 450, Crossroads 490, AFP 395).

8. Greenville-New Bern, NC (Romney 850, Obama 600, Crossroads 415, AFP 300).

9. Charlotte, NC (Romney 830, Obama 800, Crossroads 275, AFP 200).

10. Cleveland, OH (Obama 915, Romney 650, Crossroads 200, AFP 150, Priorities 120).
Chuck Todd (NBC News) también apunta a que una de las consecuencias más temidas en Chicago sobre la irrupción de los Super PACs en esta campaña es que puedan obligarles a gastar dinero en estados que en principio no están en el epicentro de la acción:

*** An example where ad spending can move the needle: But you want a clear example of how advertising -- especially when it's uncontested -- can move the needle? Look no further than in Michigan, where pro-Romney groups have spent a combined $4.7 million so far during the general election, versus just $10,000 by pro-Obama groups. That’s why the race has tightened in Michigan, per our recent NBC-Marist poll. This is the potential threat all the outside GOP spending could have on this race: If uncontested, it could open up states where Team Obama doesn't want to advertise. If you want to know one of the things that keeps Jim Messina and David Plouffe up some nights, it’s THIS issue…

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