martes, 17 de julio de 2012

Rumor: atentos entre el 19 y el 24 de julio

Gregory J. Flugaur ( ha vuelto a hablar con The Eagle:
Just had a 3 minute convo with “The Eagle”….

July 23rd & 24th was seen to be cleared for a roll-out for VP, and for the most part they still are clear, and this was seen by The Eagle’s contacts on July 8th and was reported in The Rumor Mill on July 10th. Now The Eagle is telling me dates of July 19-20-21-22 have also been cleared….even in GOP DC land.

The Eagle told me if these cleared dates are not for a VP roll-out then Matt Rhodes should be replaced. The Eagle says the chatter is very heavy on a early roll-out because of all these cleared dates being so close to Mitt ‘s trip, and the Olympics, that if not used for a VP roll-out than the calendar is not being used to anywhere near full capacity.

The Eagle says the dates in the campaign July 19-24 do have marks in them…but they are open in the sense that none of the VP candidates have anything scheduled on these dates, and neither does Mitt,or Ann,or major Fundraisers, or, well, you get the point. There is nothing major that can not be changed or folded into a VP roll-out schedule on these dates.

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