domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

El Las Vegas Review-Journal apoya a Romney

Es el periódico más vendido en Nevada, que vota el próximo sábado, y es muy conservador; para que os hagáis una idea, en 2010 apoyó a Sharron Angle.

Las Vegas Review-Journal:
This race is between former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia.

(...) But Mr. Gingrich's tenure as speaker was brief. He burned bridges and became a divisive figure for much of the electorate. After resigning from office in 1999 under pressure from his party, Mr. Gingrich became a political consultant.

Mr. Romney, on the other hand, has less political experience and a lifetime in the business world. His greatest strength is his command of economic issues and his understanding of what the private sector needs to create jobs. He has criticized the uncertainty President Obama and Congress have created by not passing budgets and refusing to provide businesses and investors with a predictable, permanent tax code. And he understands the economic ruin that lies ahead if Washington can't conquer its spending addiction. "We can't have a government that keeps spending more than it takes in, otherwise enterprise will not invest in America," he said.

Mr. Romney is pro-growth all the way. He wants the country to develop all its energy resources, not punish the oil, coal and gas sectors. He wants states and citizens to have more freedom to innovate. And perhaps most importantly, Mr. Romney is a Washington outsider, not a capital insider.

Nevada Republicans should attend their caucuses with two questions in mind. Who best represents their party? And who has the best chance to defeat President Obama? We believe Mitt Romney is the answer to both of those questions.

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