martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Newt: las primarias durarán 6 u 8 meses, a menos que Mitt se retire antes

Jonathan Karl, de ABC News, ha hablado con el Speaker:
Don’t expect Gingrich to go away any time soon. Whatever happens in Florida, he’s digging in for the long, long haul.

At a visit to a polling station in Orlando, I asked Newt Gingrich how much longer the battle for the Republican nomination will go on. He told me “six or eight months” and then added: “unless Romney drops out earlier.”

When I asked what he says to those who say the race will effectively be over if he loses big in Florida, Gingrich said, “You mean those who said I was dead in June? Those who said I was dead in December? They are about as accurate as they were the last two times they were wrong.”

Gingrich added, “I’m not going to lose big in Florida.”