viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Una buena organización cuenta mucho

Mark Halperin:
Candidates matter but campaigns matter, too. After leaving Gingrich alone until it was too late in South Carolina, Boston focused on Newt from the start in Florida. And, like when Perry threatened the frontrunner, Team Romney has been incredibly effective tearing down Gingrich, going after him on the campaign trail by sending surrogates to crash his events, hitting him with TV and radio ads, holding daily media conference calls to drive choice themes, lining up newsmaking anti-Newt statements from people like Bob Dole and using Matt Drudge. All of that contributed to the goal of rattling Gingrich and forcing his campaign off message. Romney World's performance — along with Mitt's Jacksonville killer debate — could ease Establishment worries about whether Boston is capable of competing in a general election.

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