miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

ARG: Romney 41%, Gingrich 34% en FL

With six days to go until Florida's Republican primary, a new poll indicates Mitt Romney remains on top of the field in the battle for the state's winner take all 50 delegates.

According to an American Research Group poll released Wednesday morning, 41 percent of likely Sunshine State GOP primary voters say they are backing the former Massachusetts governor as their party's nominee, with 34% supporting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Nine percent of people questioned are backing former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, seven percent are supporting Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, and six percent are undecided.

The survey was conducted Monday and Tuesday, after Gingrich's double digit victory over Romney in South Carolina's Republican primary, and half before and half after Monday night's GOP presidential debate in Tampa.

Prior to Monday's debate, the poll indicates Romney holding a 38%-34% margin over Gingrich. But looking only at Tuesday's results, after the debate, Romney led Gingrich 44% to 34%.

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