sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

Romney debatirá en Florida

The Boston Globe:
Mitt Romney says he will attend the next GOP presidential debates in Florida, which is next up on the election calendar.

After last weekend's two debates in South Carolina, advisers to the former Massachusetts governor had said the candidate hadn't committed to any more campaign debates.

But Romney said Saturday, on the day when South Carolinians are voting in their state's GOP primary, that he will be at the Tampa debate, and advisers say he also will participate in the Jacksonville debate on Thursday.

His commitment to the debate might be a sign that he doesn't think he will do as well as first thought in South Carolina against rival Newt Gingrich and will need to continue the fight in Florida.

The Florida primary is Jan. 31.

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No le queda otro remedio; va a perder en SC...