jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

ARG: Gingrich 33%, Romney 32% en SC

American Research Group:
Newt Gingrich leads the South Carolina Republican presidential primary with 33% and is followed closely by Mitt Romney with 32%. Ron Paul is in third place with 19% and Rick Santorum is in fourth place with 9%.

In a similar survey conducted January 11-12, 2012, Romney was leading Gingrich 29% to 25%. Since that survey, Romney has gained 3 percentage points and Gingrich has gained 8 percentage points. Gingrich is matching his high of 33% in a November 2011 survey.

Tea Party support has given Gingrich the lead. A total of 43% of Tea Party supporters say they will vote for Gingrich, up from 28% in the January 11-12 survey. Since that survey, Rick Perry has lost 7 percentage points among Tea Party supporters, Paul has lost 3 percentage points, and Romney and Santorum have lost 2 percentage points.

Gingrich leads Romney 37% to 36% among self-identified Republicans, followed by Paul with 15%. Paul leads among independents and Democrats with 33%, followed by Gingrich with 17%, Romney and Perry with 15% each, and Santorum with 11%.

(...) Gingrich leads Romney among men 37% to 36%, followed by Paul with 19%. Among women, Gingrich leads Romney 29% to 28%, followed by Paul with 19%, and Santorum with 14%.

Gingrich leads Romney 35% to 30% among likely Republican primary voters saying they will definitely vote, followed by Paul with 20%.

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